Ballymagarvey Village

The Village

Ballymagarvey Village is a private country estate available for exclusive hire, and is the perfect venue for weddings in Co. Meath, house parties, family reunions, special celebrations, corporate events as well as charity concerts and local community events. It is comprised of a substantial fortified country house flanked by a courtyard of beautifully conserved cut-stone cottages which once housed a working granary and flax mill. The courtyard cottages and mill buildings now provide luxury accommodation, a banqueting hall and meeting rooms for private and corporate events.

The village is located in an idyllic country setting just a few kilometres from Slane and the stunningly beautiful Boyne Valley in Co. Meath. It is surrounded by rich, fertile farmland and is adjacent to the large native forests and broad-leaf woodlands of Balrath, yet it's still only 40 minutes drive from Dublin City centre.


At Ballymagarvey, when we are anticipating and meeting your desires and wishes it does not mean that we are overlooking the desires and wishes of the environment. Luxury and high standards do not have to come with a side-order of guilt.
We know that most environmentally friendly practice is based on common sense and an awareness of consequences, so, at Ballymagarvey, we use local produce, we recycle and we think before we act.

Ballymagarvey HouseA little More history...

We are told that the townland of Ballymagarvey takes its name from Bishop Magarvey or McGarvey, a prominent Bishop in the Diocese of Trim. We can trace its history back through centuries of turbulent Irish history; from the ‘Plantation of Ireland’ in the 16th and 17th centuries, to today...

BedroomThe Gardens & Grounds

Wherever you choose to sit, wherever you choose to wander, Ballymagarvey reveals views to delight, to ease and to intrigue.
To the south, the treasures of the walled garden, to the north, the story of the 17th-Century cemetery, to the east, the sun rising over rolling paddocks...

ConservatorySelf-catering cottages

In the 19th Century, Ballymagarvey Village’s cottages were much smaller than the ones you see today. Back then, they housed the maids and the children’s governesses and the four cottages next to the mill, housed the mill foreman and the mill workers and their families...