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The story of Ballymagarvey is a long and often turbulent one, going back over 800 years, an integral part of local and Irish history.

Baile Mhic Gairbhí / Ballymagarvey Beginnings

Gwenllian de Lacy was the last true princess of Wales. As part of an alliance between her father, LLwelyn ap lorwerth, and Hugh de Lacy, a prominent Norman-Irish Lord, she married Hugh's brother William, and so began the connection between Gwenllian and Ballymagarvey. Times where more turbulent then, and Gwenllian lived through rebellions, was taken prisoner, became a landlord and businesswoman after her husband's death, and lived out the last of her days at Ballymagarvey. The medieval structures that are the Tower and the church date back from Gwenllian's time. The Tower, with its 'murder hole' leading to tunnels would have provided escape for the family in times of attack. Ballymagarvey church is a stunning example of Anglo Norman stonemasonry with its amazing Rose Window and chancel Arch.

Working at Ballymagarvey The Mill

In times past there was a thriving mill at Ballymagarvey Today, our gorgeous Mill Loft is the perfect setting for indoor wedding ceremonies. The Millpond is often used as backdrops for the perfect photo.

About Ceremonies

Ballymagarvey & the Land

Ballymagarvey has always operated as a working farm until relatively recently. Farm workers would have lived as tenants in Ballymagarvey Village, working the land in return for protection, and profits from their labour. Our beautiful peaceful Courtyard would once have been a hive of farmyard activity, with animals, carts, and the sights and sounds of Irish country living. Today, the Courtyard cottages overlook this gorgeous central space, a fantastic place for guests to mingle and meet between the celebrations.

Courtyard Cottages

Ballymagarvey - a place for Families

Ballymagarvey has seen many families come and go through the years since the de Lacys occupied it more than 800 years ago. Owners and their tenants would have lived, worked, worshipped and played - all within the grounds of Ballymagarvey, with its manor house, village with schoolhouse and church, and later, the mill. Today, the schoolhouse and Courtyard cottages serve as luxury accommodation for guests. The courtyard is also the perfect backdrop for 'The Day After' BBQs and get togethers - so your guests can stay that little bit longer and enjoy the magic of Ballymagarvey.

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Ballymagarvey is a labour of love for owner Vincent Callan and his amazing team. The estate needed much renovation and love when this amazing project began in 2003. With the dedication, ingenuity and outstanding craftsmanship of a local and pan-European workforce, tonnes of handmade building materials, through highs and lows and personal tragedies, this ancient estate has been brought back to life in a sustainable way and is now proudly one of Ireland's leading wedding destinations.
The history, vision, love and dedication of the Ballymagarvey family is obvious the moment you step into our world. Let us welcome you into our home where you, your family and friends will enjoy the warm Irish hospitality, peace and tranquility of this unique heritage village.